Savoir Fare’s signature dishes are now available “to go” with the launch of C’est Bon in the Old Furniture Factory building at 6 W Loudoun Street in Round Hill. 

Dinner to go Menu

Fine Dining to Go

Over the years, Joan has developed a relationship with the owners of The Old Furniture Factory building across the street and catty-corner from Savoir Fare’s historic Patterson building on the corner of Main and Loudoun Street in “downtown” Round Hill. Savoir Fare served many a dish to the Center’s guests during their monthly bluegrass, folk and Celtic jam nights over the years and fell in love with the ambiance and potential of the turn-of-the-century building. The yellow, two-story, board and batten building has served many functions for the Town of Round Hill since Howell Brothers Furniture Emporium opened its doors in the mid-1880s. It’s housed several general stores and a school in 1912 after the town’s previous school burned down.

When the owners decided it was time to sell their beloved building in 2019, Joan’s affinity to the building became more and more evident, as she purchased the building to preserve its stature as a social place to gather, be entertained and delight in fine food and beverages. The main “store” entrance of the building is currently being renovated to serve fine take-out cuisine, housemade salad dressings, and more in early 2020—with future build outs and surprises in store for the community throughout the year.